Bacon Smoothie (Free Single)

by Saint Tellah

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released January 17, 2012

Vocals: Eye-Q & Saint Tellah
Beat: Benny Loco
Recording/Mastering: DJ Robzilla



all rights reserved


Saint Tellah Gainesville, Florida

SaintTellah is a battlin' emcee who freestyles, performs, and writes songs for you, from his perspective on the world.

He makes progressive hip hop, this ranges in flavor but is essentially rooted in: jazz, funk, classic rock, blues, and hip hop elements

SaintTellah often seeks producer's (beat makers) with different flavors in aural pleasure. He likes variety.

He hopes you like the music.
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Track Name: O.N.E. feat. EYE-Q - Bacon Smoothie
-We'll hit taco bell girl you'll know its official cause you aint gotta keep your orders to the dollar menu-
-Girl I'll make you a sandwich in my cast iron griddle two pieces of bread your favorite toppings in the middle. I'll rub your feet but put on some rubber gloves you cute and all girl but I dont know where you foot was-
-I'll rub your feet girl regardless where they was and suck ya toes even if then been in doo doo, tag those pictures on Facebook and video on Youtube.
-Collect your hair out the shower drain and make a doll with voodoo. Spend all night on the couch watching videos on Hulu.
-Well I'll bring lolly pops and I'll always eat your "cookie". By "cookie" I mean "cookie"
-Nah really he meant "pussy". i take you on a date, yeah we headed to the Sizzler ,show up at your house with a bookay of Twizzlers.
-I'll say "nah its still small" even when your ass is bigger, and even hook my homies up with your ugly sister.
-I'll even drop my old girl and pretend I never missed her. Try to hold my farts while we play games of Twister.
-I'll smile when your son spills his drink in my whip and say "ahh thats cut kids will be kids".
-I'll even give piggy back rides to your youngins and change the diapers ya baby be taking dumps in.
-I'll let you win when we play Call of Duty, and always let you pick when its time to watch a movie.
-When its that time of the month and you start to gettin moody I'll buy you some tampons and make you a 'bacon smoothie'.
-...Well or fist time having sex can even include a roofie I'm here to please you girl I don't need no snacks for 'Scooby'
-"Jenkies!" I'll put fake rubies on ya pinkies. When you think about your next man you should think me.
-Bottom line girl I got a Herculean thangy- .. so ya prolly wanna see me-