Nessie: The Little Monster 2

by Saint Tellah

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All profits of this digital album aill go towards Ed Sugg's - poet, father, husband-

When you first consider the concept of doing an album or any amount of work I'm sure there are a number of ways to try and get it done- I through out a concept I didn't understand- Little monsters'- beasts of lore specific to regions on earth... More over specific to culture; The Grendel , Nessie , and the Yetti. Nessie was named before the songs were attributed to the album, some of the songs were written before the album had brewed a name. They were married, and as the album came to pass I began to understand that Nessie is a look, at deeper more critical issue's in our on live's that exist that we don't talk about. Nessie is about the mystery beneath the surface , and a more critical look at the good and bad of whats behind the distractions.


released November 26, 2011

Written and Performed - Saint Tellah
DJ Mix - Dj Robzilla
Production - Mark Richardson, Albert Love, Daniel Linton
Recording and Engineering - Robert Waelder



all rights reserved


Saint Tellah Gainesville, Florida

SaintTellah is a battlin' emcee who freestyles, performs, and writes songs for you, from his perspective on the world.

He makes progressive hip hop, this ranges in flavor but is essentially rooted in: jazz, funk, classic rock, blues, and hip hop elements

SaintTellah often seeks producer's (beat makers) with different flavors in aural pleasure. He likes variety.

He hopes you like the music.
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Track Name: Saint Tellah , Albert Love , Dj Robzilla - Another Song For Maddie
It's sleepy eye time , close your eyes my precious rose and go night night I know you hate the by by so we'll talk for just a moment , we'll make it golden. I'll be patient and open hoping your well spoken little voice tells nothing of pain or sorrow only curious joy, you told me about a rock it was your rock, you said daddy look I smiled cause you were happy , relaxed cause you were laughing , that was a fast swing a really really fast swing , higher daddy please , pushed a little to high and it made daddy mean , i hope your never imaging fathoming or remotely actually encountering life's tragedies, if someone hurt you I would burn their universe with gasoline its why my worlds on fire I'm tired of dying daily , I sigh and I try the pray thing life is room for waiting but i never see the doctor so wounds are just complicating i'm a human on the razor

So this is your song my daughter this is your on, for my first born , baby girl for your first yawn , i'm not exactly sure where me and your mother went wrong I was nineteen , she was ten strong in years and tension so tight you could cut it with tears the gears were grinding i'm inside the fear mechanics and the mecha-nisms project broken man test the limits, transcendental Exis-tential-istic , really a midst the thicket honey suckles an imprint of an angel in dimensions that's biblical in proportions of innocent and adorable, perfection in the horrible , water still time froze, I let the water chill , I couldn't bare to serve em they seemed so happy a mother ad a baby girl who called that man daddy , she was sassy as I imagined your were, and sadly as i know those memories are fewer , your eyes a little bluer and your hairs a little straighter-

I know you got some spunk because your mommies not a spanker but an anchor and a tough one her kids no man could touch one , couldn't tell em no and definitely couldn't hush em. Dont ever think your nothing or doubt who you can be , always stick to side walks and wait to cross the streets, believe I know its my fault if your feeling lost at see I'll never forget your pictures of your first time on the beach or the first I got to see you - you were sleeping on the floor by the TV it was on you were instant proof of God if i ever had any doubts in that moment they were gone . Every song that your involved is my favorite song, i know its not the world but really I hate it all cause I don't get the tea parties or to see you play with dolls- Please treat her right if not then you should leave her do the dishes right and they'll come a little cleaner- Please treat her right iof not then you should leave her do the dishes right and they'll come a little cleaner-
Track Name: Light Speed
I can barely make sense I'm at my wits end and indifferent , fit the description , of a child with a malignant social tumor, ohh the futures looking grim. Chef up out the kitchen and I'll never cook again. Ain't appreciate my work sio pickens is getting slim, tempered in cold shoulders and swimming in fake friends , the lake ends at maximum wavelengths. Stay thinking days blinking and night stares, yes I'm getting older but homie I'm right here. And yes I might fair better if I cared what you think had fresher clothes in my dresser and nicer shoes on my feet , it might improve in a week or so ,for now let the speakers blow even though the people wont actually dig what we doing , so used to eating garbage they forgot the taste of music, and at the pace we're moving motion sickness got em puking I'm in the race to lose it...

I'll floor it to the last lap and then I'll let you beat me , its easy to win the race it's harder to win the evening but if its easy then be me no really get it poppin' , walking before you crawling I ain't be hostile but people will talk when they see you start to wobble. Ever since the titty been addicted to the bottle, so go and find a role model worth looking up – bust moves crush grooves can I get a fuck you, cause positive love do little to motivate me , mamas alone and angry sober but not to say she over the road that made me stone cold and crazy grown old and gray we only want the days we shake through the waist of the hour-glass shapely lady thats called life , tease , hot days with a nice breeze – tight jeans , five' three , yup plus she liked me-

Bob and me lights-speed chillin' up in the high-beams , cry me an A and R -I-V-E-R try C-P-R to bring her back life cause your demons lack the size to satisfy a mind and find. I grab the mic and write and rhyme so that I can ease the pain I'm more human than most of these human beings. Nightmares go with the dream so are we sleeping or we really alive eyes open but your 'lights-speed' chillin' up in the high-beams , cry me an A and R -I-V-E-R try C-P-R to bring her back life cause your demons lack the size to satisfy a mind and find. I grab the mic and write and rhyme so that I can ease the pain I'm more human than most of these human beings. Nightmares go with the dream so are we sleeping or we really alive eyes open but your see with your mind
Track Name: Imagine
I'll take the food that you didn't wanna taste, it made the plate but it didn't make the mouth, found it's way to the dogs bowl. Army rags and lost souls, streets that never fix the pot holes , broken homes mostly got those, past the drive ways on which we parking, lawn spots when we get the party started ,house parties kinda funky cause the starving artist's hungry, artists fiending for attention bout to turn your ears to junkies attitude plus aspirations equals acts of David, coming of age amazing gazing into nothing less one confesses that I needed nothing more than breathing raps. Left the beef kept the fat bless the family indeed but I'm a keep the scraps butterflies and dragon flies always seem to bring me back , 'buh' bringing me back, like the wings carry more than just awe in on lookers, all in all sugar you should find some fresh iced tea.

I'll climb the highest mountain and swim the deepest sea , going depths they couldn't fathom just to make em believe
Imagine, Imagine, Imagine, Imagine, - Imagine what would happen if you would only imagine-

This bottles been drunk to a swallow and people don't like me, past half empty yesterday is all gone, tomorrow is not promised and today I move on, bones gristle and backwash , hand me down shoes and miss matched sox, twin beds piss spots and that big black dog. Soul; bleeding blue black blood, act tough but somehow always knew that love was meant to pass me up , but my memories and scraps enough. Awela told me its the thought so now I rap them up, to keep me blasting off- recycled rocket engines and liquor to molitofs. Word to lollipop spitters hell- a be cold and baby heaven is hot measure me not by conventional means, let it be known that I'll never be stopped from ripping the seems outta 3d to the 4th one, this world is what they gave to me I wanted bigger portions.

I'll climb the highest mountain and swim the deepest sea , going depths they couldn't fathom just to make em believe
Imagine, Imagine, Imagine, Imagine, - Imagine what would happen if you would only imagine-
Track Name: Broken Soul's
We parted the skies pardon me I wanted the stars , wanted the farthest point from ours. So I ran to open fire and no longer feel the burn- Everybody has their turn when they promised that we'd be accomplished. Not to knock college, but some of the smartest 'Marks' target banging arm rockets. Lost it all like he never had a sweet mom and a clever dad. Whether that really matters is yet to be determined but one thing is for certain when you feel you've lost your purpose -hurting trying to find way , hiding place ,trying to find your strength. Then it's on you, than it's all you consuming mushroom's, skinny chicks, and strong booze then- Its all mood high you feeling the fall soon, its all mood high your still in the ball room, lost boys never land and a million marbles, lost boys never land and a million marbles-

Tasting the clouds and tossing a rain bow, never the same old family night and a game show, staying around the same folks it takes hold so take note, pull the straw from the looking glass and fire form the ladle, there's a heart behind the ribs and a life behind the navel. I know your pupils hungry but your iris had to say no. Panic occurs damaging nerves then the stamina hurts you never did the hardwood until the laminate thirst had you talking sideways like a animate herb. Bile stained wood so you had to switch to tile, is wasn't your greatest look but your favorite style. His souls a Hiroshima, Pearl Harbor, Bay of Tonkin. Invention of the nuke and all that's gone off since. When the self loathing grows so strong that shits toxic. Vomit stings when you try to swallow it down, sadly so does pride but we swallowing now.

Hey! Hello homie are you back? We had a spat ,scrapping in your habitat, its why your nose is broke and under your eyes is black. Imagine that... we haven't the first spoke like spinners on Cadillac , I'm mad at that, kinda sad in fact ; but it keeps on moving and it keeps on passing; time and lady luck stay running without asking- Not to many see the street signs so be bright and keep right, its all up to you fire candle or a tea-light. Do-it-defy-by , Hallucina- bye bye right? The who and the why I- choosing the die side right? Life is a game of haileigh and cooler than ice wine, initiate the program using your minds eye. We're all defined by expression and there-after in perceivers , yes its your essence on the crescent moon ; it's the stuff dreamers, I'll eat the monster cookie and I'll cop my free t-shirt, I'll eat the monster cookie and I'll cop my free t-shirt, Damn... I just want my free t-shirt.
Track Name: The Flagship
I started rhyming because it moved me, and though I'm depressed and unsatisfied it still moves me, sometimes the movie aint exactly how the book reads, pay attention get the picture but you always miss the good things, trying hard to look pleased but I'm agree with a bookie, I came to claim my fortune cookies but he only had some twinkies , he tried to feed me I'm not eating got to thinking 'bout the feeling cause its really not the same. I used to eat a verse and beat with the urgency in a nursery but its really not the same, its not the same it's in my veins I'm aiming to maintain and steadily bang bang, and rain flame, its never the same thang. Hell-uv-a great dane , and raps my Scooby Snax , I do relax, but not with foolie cats; mostly cats that: tag, scratch, rap, and spin on their back. That's the flap jack the long short, the thats that. Just a grab bag of snacks here homie you can have that. Not so abstract I'll fall for your whack act back pack up out the crab shack. O.N.E.'ll rattle the atlas bombing the ears like Baghdad, involving a 'Tascam' , 'Tech' , 'Vestax' and a mad man every bar is like my last dance, full moon wolf and a half man, Crashing cars and titans clashing , feeling lonely in her absence , you want my life well you can have it except for any picture thats been underneath a magnet. A tisket a tasket , crash the tea party be a dickhead to the rabit- Got-you pickled like a 'Vlassic' . Ashes to ashes I shed light so you can bask in , free styling muscles on that fast twitch, and mad quick in lap ten, its not my fashion to ration an ounce of my passion avalanches in 'Aspen' courtesy Latin minus the accent, ya'll fucking with the flagship to rap in the 'Ville'. I'm funky for real ya'll funky like you need some 'Masengil'.
Track Name: Coffee In The Morning
This morning was different than the usual. Choosy though today i was reluctant, pushed my button looked up. Still dreaming lucid, hooked up with my music, new it's been a nusance to the neigbors two cent's, wishing he could do it so he's giving advice and I'm on some if it sounds bad then you aint listening right, stride inside the kitchen with its flickering light, eerie scene kinda orange it was cinema type. Brewed my coffee got to thinking with my criminal mind, I mean that simpler guy inside my body and finds , ways to swallow my pride, like McCormicks vodka is the Bonnie to Clyde, a blind date with forever and I'll problably drive, coffee is nice. I used to take sugar but I dont deserve the sweet, these days I'm feeling bitter so I don't take the cream. Morning's are night mares and at night I live my dreams. Gripping sheets, giving me life , giving me free, ripping at the seems (free that is). Cause it never really was but the customers trust the walking puppets who front, moving with no strings attached to the head wrist or back, we're all of peasant blood quit playing aristocrat ole' tit for tat sally's and your back alley motives , my cup is never empty cause it makes me feel hopeless, tragic Mr.Hollands opus, chillin' on the corner, sippin' on some Kona, And in case I don't see you good evening and good morning I'm up writing rhymes while the rest of you are yawning.
Track Name: A Piece Of The Kid
A whole lotta folks wanna piece of the kid. Just because you want it don't make it easy to get, built with the heart of a lion and the teeth of a pit, move with the speed of a cheetah and a fever to rip, Leave it to Tellah and I'll see to it you sleep with the fish. Chillin' in the lab with a beaker to sip, its likely that I'll hop inside ya mind and make you beat with a fist- ya pretty face until the bleeding commence. A heedenous pig who found his destiny and reason to live. Easy as piss I'll breath an eclipse ya scene in a jif, see me I'm mist the thing in the thick the evil in men. A taxedermis on ya whack perverted last in first dip when the raps occuring , flash in the pan passengers , its me your mad at not ya girls so don't be mad at her, your lack the nerve and on a curve you couldn't hack a verse- fucks with me.

Maybe he was born with it, maybe it was make believe- maybe is the gamma radiation and the laser beams.

Okay (Hold your nose) Submerge and breaker breaker , check it. On the mic I'm reckless, infectious, asbestos (as-best-as (simul-meaning-double word score sucka' ) I can rhyme and try to add reason through verses with adhesive, and lyrics that have Swedish asses that grab Venus, and make rap athletes actually act squeamish. Knack for the fast speaking lapping in track season rabbit the hat breeding , magic and that's seamless ,satin with black sequins , fucking tourist I happen to need this, call yourself an act ya jackin' a fat sequence rapping for fast cheese and whacker for that reason here's a little something javelin stabbed deep in his abdomen grabbed bleeding, finish em' off gattling blast breathing , saddle a fast steed , than I'll ride into the sunset laughing at bad things, like mahaha-