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by Saint Tellah

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The super un-hero, for the un-hero's of today!


He hit his teefers with the toothpaste , adidas sneakers and a cool face, slick back pimp type roll without the tupei/ popped his fonzy collar hit the neigbor bout a two way, between her and his fine ass roomate, tossed a jolly rancher then he bent to tie his shoe lace, candies nice but hes loving how the view taste, new wave smooth type fist a fix the juke box man of the year rocking tennis and tube socks he looks out for others and supports local business flicking four quarters to a third dozen children, quarters turn gymnast rotate and stick it sparking five lucys before you grab your bic and flick it said 'a round of drink pilgrims' hit the floor an dfunky chickin , vixens migrates so they could peep the game. The melted where they stood and they would never be the same.

A loose cannon A student bringing apples to the teacher, rocking sunglasses in class he hollers at Celina, a known Siren user and deceiver/ he said hey girl lemme by ya pizza" shes like " great I know an awesome pizzeria" he grinned and said "this coupon is good for two free ones,

teach I gotta fever its not over but im leaving so he left and as he did he highfived penguin peter he helped old lady kiefer cross the road and stopped a muggin, he mugged the mugger then he thought im on ta something- the mugger shook and looked like smeone cut the onion. A james dean with some elvis in the pelvis, his preference is pleather and his underwear are velvet a rebel when he skate boards he doesnt wear a helmet, he can eat a hot dog driving without droppin relish. Even a fivespeed with out droppin relish-

He'll pick a fight with a nerd and lose so they get laid, he'll give congress HIV so we get a cure for AIDS, he'll fuck your girl and be like told you shes a hoe, adn kid nap little scotty then release him free to go, then watch his parents care like they never had before. reivented the cannon when he hawked his first loogie, his first dog was scooby and his first broad had boobie, speaking in spanish when he starred his first movie bangin a brewski chase the RUFI-O and smoothy COLD and fruity sippin, viewing family guy for Stewie Griffin, cracking news encryption, quelling indecision with the know of self and selfless made decision, been on taht independence truth search and six dimension since he kicked up out the entrance into living, drives a Prius with a motor that assists the engine but rocks the razor scooter when hes only down to kick it-


released July 21, 2012




Saint Tellah Gainesville, Florida

SaintTellah is a battlin' emcee who freestyles, performs, and writes songs for you, from his perspective on the world.

He makes progressive hip hop, this ranges in flavor but is essentially rooted in: jazz, funk, classic rock, blues, and hip hop elements

SaintTellah often seeks producer's (beat makers) with different flavors in aural pleasure. He likes variety.

He hopes you like the music.
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